Clinical Skin Care
All clinical treatments begin with a detailed skin analysis and consultation.
We are committed to working with you and require your assistance in following the appropriate pre and post
home care to continue the positive effects. For optimal results, a series of treatments will
expedite and maximize your outcome.

Inquire about our special pricing and conditions for a series of clinical skincare treatments.

FSD Treatment
Utilizing LHE (Light and Heat Energy) MicroPhototherapy evens out skin tone, diminishes age spots and delivers glowing results. It stimulates collagen to firm and tighten the skin and decreases pore size. Attain your anti-aging goals without the recovery, downtime and expense of other aggressive services.
Rezenerate Facial
A revolutionary treatment with proven scientific nanotechnology for delivering proprietary stem cell serums to plump, hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. The Rezenerate wand has proven to drastically reduce fine lines, wrinkles and signs of blemishes. This treatment includes an antioxidant enzyme and a lymphatic massage with our new cryoglobes.
24 Karat Gold Collagen Mask $155
This deep exfoliating treatment uses a controlled spray of fine crystals to gently remove the outer layer of skin, revealing smoother skin underneath and allowing for better penetration of topical applications. This treatment is extremely effective for reducing fine lines, mild scarring and hyperpigmentation. Immediate results! Skin feels softer, glows a little brighter and looks younger after just one treatment. A soothing gel mask with Vitamin C serum completes this treatment.
Dermasound Ultrasonic Facial
This treatment provides gentle ultrasonic exfoliation using water to flush out oil, dirt & dead skin. This process kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. Specialized products then permeate the epidermis &
micro-current builds collagen and helps re-educate cells to act younger. Incredibly hydrating & age-defying! Great for all skin types, very
beneficial for acne and rosacea.
"Ultimate" Dermasound Facial
Experience all the benefits of our ultrasonic facial combined with the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of a spa facial. We incorporate an antioxidant enzyme and antioxidant rich mask for superior anti-aging and skin restorative benefits, while the delivery of cellular nutrients from stem cell and peptide serums assist to influence collagen production and improve skin elasticity and tone. Massage is also included of the hands, face, neck and shoulders making this the ultimate treatment for relaxation and profound results!
Dermaplane Facial
This non-invasive exfoliation procedure removes debris, dead skin cells, and vellus (peach fuzz) hair from the skins surface. Dermplaning increases the absorption of topical products and softens the appearance of fine lines. We finish our treatment with a wonderful Vitamin C hydrating enzyme, leaving your skin with a brighter and smoother glow!
Glycolic Peel
This anti-aging treatment helps even out skin tone and minimize fine lines by aiding in the production of new collagen and elastin.
Lactic Peel
Great for mature and dehydrated skin types. This peel is known for its moisturizing and lightening effects on the skin.
Salicylic Peel
Made from leaves of wintergreen. This peel has a more visible peeling action. It is very effective in treating oily, congested skin conditions.
Customized Peel

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