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Let's Make an IMPACT

Hello! My name is Lee and I'm an esthetician and the owner of Bare Necessities. I want to share some exciting news with you! My son, Brandon Wells, who works at Dermatology and Skin Health (DSH), will be running in the Boston Marathon this April on behalf of IMPACT Melanoma.


IMPACT Melanoma is an incredible foundation raising awareness about skin cancer and sun damage prevention. This is of particular interest to me not only because of my career as an esthetician but also from my own experience. 


My journey began in 2013 when my hairdresser (my rockstar!) noticed a rather large dark spot on the top of my scalp, which popped up very quickly, given that I go to my hairdresser every four weeks. This spot turned out to be the beginning stages of melanoma. I had an extensive surgical excision by a plastic surgeon to remove the spot. Unfortunately, due to the aggressive nature of melanoma, it returned in 2017, where I underwent a procedure called “Slow Mohs” to make sure this time that all the margins were clear. The process was successful, and I followed up with dermatology screenings every six months for years.

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The Findings (2013)


First Excision



Post-Slow Moh's


I advocate for yearly visits with a dermatologist for skin cancer screening. Please consider seeing a dermatologist and establishing a baseline. The key is prevention. Don’t wait until there is something urgent. 

With all that being said, naturally, I support this foundation and I ask for your support as well.
If you are willing to make a taxable donation to support IMPACT Melanoma, I will be raffling off five gift baskets full of SPAtastic prizes to those that donate directly through his link.

To be entered into the raffle, email the following information to

  • Your donation confirmation (including the dollar amount donated)

  • Your preferred basket entry/entries 

  • Your name and phone number so we can contact you if you win

Ticket Entries are based on the amount DONATED (not including fees):

$25 — $49 = One Ticket

$50 — $74 = Two Tickets

$75 — $99  = Four Tickets

$100 or more = Eight Tickets

Baskets Being Raffled

Hover over the baskets to view the contents.


Massage Retreat

$80 Massage Gift Card for “The Pressure’s Off” donated by Pam.



Glymed Idyllic cleanser, Comfort Cream, Oil-Free Protective Moisturizer, a bt-sonic cleansing brush, and a custom
“Relax” hat. ($234 value)


Hair Care

Kevin Murphy Shampoo, conditioner, texture spray, hairspray, and shine spray donated by Kimmy Quirke of “Arbor and Root”. ($179 value)


Peace of Mind

Glymed Skin Care Products: Mega Cream Cleanser, Fulvic Elixir, Peptide Cream, Hydrating Protection Gel, and a custom “Peace of Mind” hat. ($264 value)


Body Care

Aqua Laure Shower Gel, Pevonia Preserve Body Moisturizer, Pevonia Dry Oil Body Spray, and  Sisal Washcloths in a toiletry bag. ($122 Value)


Facial Retreat

$100 Gift Card that can be used for any skincare service you choose.

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